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Warranty period:
Beixo gives a three year warranty against frame damage. The shaft drive, battery, motor, motor controller, display, charger: 2 years against manufacturing and material defects. Damage by water/moisture is excluded. 

The end customers have right to the usual warranty claims against the official beixo dealer , beixo (depending on the agreement or applicable law; usually two years from the handover).

Non included in the warranty claims is the fair wear and tear of wear parts like pedals, tyres, tubes, shaft drive, baerings, pinions, brake pads, painting. It is in the responsibility of the end customer to maintain and to service his or her beixo regularly.

Claims are excluded if the bike was modified or repaired by the users themselves or not used as intended. Usage for racesor competitions, commercial use, overcharging, and further usage outside of the intended purpose.


How to process a warranty claim?
Beixo believes in her products and will make every effort to keep you happy. Within the warranty period, please declare your warranty claim at your beixo dealer. After finding any defect, you are obliged to immediately stop using the bicycle and to do all possible to prevent further damage.

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